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Leopard Watch by Amber Lee Rosolowich

Today we look at Leopard Watch by Amber Lee Rosolowich for Artwork in Focus. Join me Divvya Nirula as I explore and present my experience of the selected artwork.

Artwork in Focus

Title: Leopard Watch
Artist : Amber Lee Rosolowich   
Year : n/a
Medium : water colour
Dimensions : n/a
Location : n/a

Leopard Watch, by Amber Lee Rosolowich
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

The Artwork

A little toddler asleep on the watch post and one of the worlds deadliest predators, one of the big five – seems to rest and wait patiently. It is the most unusual pairing. And it evokes a thousand questions and thoughts. How did the baby get where he did? Where is the parent and what will the leopard do? What if he falls off in his sleep?

These are some of the questions that Amber Lee Rosolowich intends for the viewer to think about. The animals expression and body language puts people at ease immediately – he is resting like a watchful domestic house cat and miles from his prey-driven response.

The child has fallen asleep in complete faith and trust (at an age when napping is the hardest to get a baby to do – unless supremely comforted).

Amber’s paintings have an ongoing dialogue of fun and seriousness at the same time. There is always a hint of emotion, alongside a concept and slightly peculiar images.

“Most of all I hope to make paintings for people to enjoy in the many different ways people feel and react both verbally and internally.” Says Amber – her explanation clarifies the thrust of her work.

My body of work has come from the darker side of a childhood; flipped into peculiar and fun times with the imaginary protection of an animal around. Fearful moments made brighter where Animals share an understanding of mindfulness, care, and secrets. These paintings of child moments are mixed and matched along with current ongoing stories, playfully using Animals to express emotions often hidden by humans.

Says Amber explaining her source of inspiration

Other Details

Amber’s mother was a zoo keeper and as a child, she often spent weekends visiting her at work. She worked as a zookeeper as well as a fish aquarium diver. Owing to this access – Amber was  fascinated with animal behaviour. She would love watching National Geographic and closely observe their movements and body language. This would feed her practice later on.

As a child she carried her doodles around the zoo. It was a treat for her to spend time watching animals enjoy life, encouraged by the fun and silliness of them. “I imagined these animals as my chit chat friends, and spent many of my younger years pretending they could hear the quiet me.” She says . But the truth is that they weren’t pretend friends – they did here her quiet. They did watch her cry and perhaps were more her friends and family than her biological one.

“As a painter, I have tried to express the lightness and importance these relationships offered, creating playful, calm, light-hearted and sometimes just silly paintings.”

Rosolowhich has an exquisite eye for detail that is matched with the elegance of her painting. She invests the animals and the little friends with a palpable life.

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