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Lotus of Plenty : Renooji

Art From Us launched our 2019-2020 Winter Art Calendar with the blessings and healing works of Renooji. As an artist, all of Renooji’s creations are intimately connected to and are borne out of her spiritual practices.

Every year Art From Us aims to bring its collectors and the viewer experiential events and exhibitions at The Gallery from within The Collective. Keep posted on our Forthcoming Exhibition, Ongoing Exhibitions and explore our Past Exhibitions for updates.

Lotus of Plenty and the Fishes!

Art From Us presents at The Gallery a solo exhibition of Renooji’s healing artworks titled “Lotus of Plenty”. Here we present 62 stunning explorations of the Lotus and the Fish by the artist. The Fish as a symbol is, for the artist rooted in ancient cultures throughout time and religious practices. The main theme or association that Renooji found time-and-time again with regards to the “fish” is that of growth. Along with this, sanctity, divinity and eternal blessings are also associated with the fish. Renooji has for many years now, channelled and worked with the energies and symbol of the Lotus. A symbol that represents the past, present and future co-existing. The Lotus is unique in the plant kingdom for it – seeds, flowers and fruits simultaneously. Thereby, the lotus has come to be a powerful spiritual anchor. For Renooji, the Fish and the Lotus are magnificent manifestations of opulence. The artist has put them together in her meditative works. As artist, clairvoyant and healer Renooji is telling us a story of movement and compassion. Come and join us to hear all about how these works came into being, each fish telling its own tale.

“Old Love” 2015, by : Renooji

Why are these works Healing ?

These works have been channelled and empowered by Renooji to heal the years forward. Gathering the magnetic energies of 2015 through to 2020 and beyond! When talking about her work as an artist, Renooji says,

“All the works are channelled through an intimate and introspective meditative process and this unleashes a healing vortex of golden light that is like an imprint on the soul of all who view the work. As the work hangs in a person’s house, it will be a tool or living yantra that will begin to heal the home, the people in it, and the environment, creating new frequencies of thoughts and positive energy for the worthy recipient – enhancing their spiritual  insights.”

As you visit us and these works we affirm that the exhibition is a healing experience for all. Let us look at three of the works in this exhibition.

The Curatorial Note for Lotus of Plenty

Renooji uses the lotus as a representation of the soul’s karmic journey across the universe through time and space. The forms her lotuses take are constantly exploring, manifesting and healing the warp and weft of our karma. She began these artworks in 2015, developing them and empowering them as healing yantras for the people and homes they will eventually inhabit.

Renooji added the motif of the fish inspired by its innate healing properties. The fish is often known as the ‘pig of the ocean’, eating all the detritus and filtering our water systems.

In the energy and astral realms, the fish creates opulence by filtering out the negative, creating movement in the still waters of our stagnant karma, and creating the ripples of good fortune whereever it goes.

As the lotus and the fish co-join on the canvas, both physically and energetically, they transform through the healing hands of Renooji.

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