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My Galactic Travels : Renooji

A Digital Art Exhibition
Date : 6th January to 15th February 2021
Artist(s) : Renooji
Presented by Art From Us

Art From Us presents My Galactic Travels – a series of 13 mixed media works on paper by Artist, Healer & Clairvoyant Renooji. 

About the Exhibition

There is always a notion amongst every civilisation that we have a Maker. An Engineer, a Creator, a Greater Consciousness than our own who has thought it prudent, we be given form and agency to move, express and explore this material realm. But, in being the created we have always searched and searched and searched for this Father and Mother, these progenitors of you, me and all that we know. For some, the elements and our material formations and functions are sufficient as an answer to this quest. For others, the yogis and the scriptures offer insights, tools and pathways to access, if not directly, then through practices and rituals the energies of these cosmic creators.

And then there are those, born perhaps once every few millennia, who have the ability to travel across time and space, be true-sighted and have a compassionate heart to share all they see, all they experience – through their art and writings, with those of us who are on our journeys and are still questing. They are an anchor, a beacon, a Lighthouse in the storm that is existence. For this lifetime, this time, it is Renooji! These works take us to the realms and energies that Renooji has visited and has been visited by. It is a privilege to present these works as Art From Us. I humbly invite you in, come travel with us!

– Divvya Nirula

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