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Renooji (Renoo Nirula)

Renoo Nirula has been a voice for the cultural upliftment of Indian art traditions over the last 40 plus years. In this time frame, along with her healing work (for she is a renowned clairvoyant and healer), she has collaborated with local artisans and governments in India and Sri Lanka to bring Art and Artisans onto international platforms. In addition to that she has been a founder trustee of the Tamana School for children with special needs here in New Delhi, India.

A trained textile designer, she also studied at the Jefferey Butler’s School of Journalism along with teaching Fine Arts and Textile Design at the Redbridge Technical College U.K. As an artist when asked about her creative process she tells us that each art-work is a blueprint of the energies and auras she sees psychically. With her pen to paper she brings them to form through patterns and colours that were hitherto undiscovered. Connecting through the energy field she puts her “Auric Visions” to canvas. This is in no way limited to paper – using pastels, wood, metal, glass and leather are but a few of her beloved mediums.

Her journey as a creative and entrepreneur is inspiring. Art From Us is proud to have a guiding light in Renooji and we truly look forward to continue to present and share her artistic creations with all of you.

“I view All my Art and creative expressions as a manifestation of my Healer and Clairvoyant selves. The Art I produce are an extension of the visions I see, the auras of beings from this world and beyond – of plant, animals, birds, insects, trees, objects and humans. The joy of putting what I see to paper or canvas is an adventure, where I am charting ‘Architectural-Designs’ and ‘Blueprints’ – as I like to call them – of the Energy-World.”

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