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THE CHANGING WALL : Art From Us Past Exhibition : 01.08.2017 – 10.09.2017, New Delhi, India

As the month of India’s Independence begins, the celebrations for Art From Us also begin with our installation wall of art – aptly titles by our team of curators as “THE CHANGING WALL” – this is an exciting ‘Live’ exhibition. As the Artwork’s are sold we change them with new and fresh artwork – all created by Artist, Healer and Clairvoyant Renooji, these are Lotuses’s and Trees exploring the ideas of freedom of self, and freedom from the line! Straddling between techniques and utilising multiple media, Renooji creates these intimate portraits of the energies she sees. Stop by and pick one up that calls to your freedom!

For more information on booking, viewing and the on going exhibition THE CHANGING WALL, get in-touch with us at , especially if you would like a catalogue of Week One of the artworks!

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