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Established in 2014 – Art From Us is a Collective that brings curated narratives aimed at engaging with collectors and the lay-man through experiential landscapes. Our Director Divvya Nirula having spent her formative years in the art world at Sotheby’s, London brings a cross-over approach to all that she presents and collaborates on.

What is Art From Us Collective ?

A democratic platform for conversations about and around “ART” – be it the visual, performance, and/or conceptual based art forms – The Collective by Art From Us is established and run by Renooji and Divvya Nirula. We encourage discussion and debate, sharing information and opinion that brings an expansion of thought and experience. An extension of Art From Us – The Gallery, we welcome you to The Collective! 

How to get in touch and collaborate with us?

Just simply fill out the contact form on this website, share with us your details, where you’re from and a preliminary few sentences on what your goals and aims are in collaborating with us. Submit it and someone from the Collective shall get back to you. If you feel you have a lot to say, don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Drop us a mail on

Call us Mon – Fri or WhatsApp us +91 9999425273

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