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Art From Us aims to bring shows, artists, creations, objects, collaborations and ideas to a global audience with our unique aesthetic. When looking for these collaborations we aim for the art to be easy to digest, exciting to consume and collect.

The work we primarily present is in the space we call “The Gallery” – long and well-lit with windows on both sides of the long walls, this space allows for the viewer to experience art in an inside-outside setting.

The Gallery for Art From Us is situated amidst trees and gardens in Dera Mandi Greens. We are constantly updating our Exhibitions section, so do see what catches your eye and come say hello!

Find Us at : The Art From Us Gallery

Do we showcase other Artists at “The Gallery”

YES! The Gallery is a welcoming space for upcoming artists as well as established artists. We love to give the space for you to come in and showcase your talent. For Visual Artists, please send in your portfolio with 10 -15 works, the dates you were looking to book the Gallery and we’ll be in touch with the details. For your ease here is some basic info on how and when the Gallery is open for all creatives to book :

  1. The Gallery is a community space and may be booked by a performer, a visual artist, musician, storytellers and any and all creatives.
  2. The Gallery welcomes you to come and share your inspirations and creations all year round. (Depending of course on availability, and in case we are closed for renovations)
  3. To book the Gallery, inquire about the availability, and booking charges etc. mail us on or then Call or WhatsApp us on +91 9999425273
  4. If you are a recent graduate (within the last 13 months) of an Art School or College you get a special discount on the space, so get in touch soon. We are waiting to hear from you and see your work.
  5. For Creatives who wish to book The Gallery for multiple days, we allow for a maximum booking of 10 consecutive days. (This includes time and days for set-up and dismantling)
  6. For Single day Performances and Workshops reach out so we can discuss logistics, our hourly/daily charges and what we can help you with.
  7. We have inhouse lighting, hanging and packing teams that can assist you, but of course, the safe and secure transport of your work to-and-from The Gallery is entirely your responsibility.
  8. Art From Us and The Collective support the artists by sending out invites for the event/opening and promoting it across all our social-media platforms and contacts.
  9. The Gallery is conveniently located near Chattarpur Mandir and Metro Station, in New Delhi, India, it is easy to get to and a unique location that offers a safe haven in the busy metropolis that is Delhi.
  10. The dimensions of The Gallery are thus – 37 feet x 12 feet ( length x width)
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