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The World At Your Finger Tips by Alice Bartlett

Today we look at The World At Your Finger Tips by Alice Bartlett for Artwork in Focus. Join me Divvya Nirula as I explore and present my experience of the selected artwork.

Artwork in Focus

Title: The World At Your Finger Tips
Artist : Alice Bartlett                     
Year : n/a
Medium : textured green flocking, tiny models
Dimensions : n/a
Location : UK

The World At Your Finger Tips, by Alice Bartlett
Image courtesy : pinterest

The Artwork

Alice Bartlett created a world of miniatures and several scenes that convey an idyllic pastime. For this project, she covered her fingernails with coarse green material. It appeared like a manicured garden and from that moment, an idea was born to this photographer. Encouraged by the vivid colour and material, Bartlett decided that her nails would be the backdrop for scenes. Miniature scapes that would showcase people doing daily activities. She identified her quaint and favourite mini models and created vignettes atop of each nail.

The London-based computer coder Bartlett took a trip to the hobby store in pursuit of one thing. Somehow, she ended up in the model train section. Inspiration hit. Thinking that the tiny people and animals on grass would make for a good photo, she got to work… Professionally, a photographer, Bartlett then photographed the imaginative stories that came to life at her fingertips.

An endearing older couple relishing an afternoon in the park or a young girl gazing at her reflection in a giant window. Here is a young couple holding hands on the tip of her nail. The emotions of tranquillity are immediately invoked. The soft felt and the pastel shades of the models look peaceful. There are several of these scenes that Bartlett concocted as a project.

Other Details

The world of nail art has been steadily expanding with more and more people. The art and practice of decorating nails dates 4000 years ago. Dressed nail were a signifier of wealth and success. So, whether it was the Romans, or in the Middle East or in China, women have dressed and beautified their tips. Different materials were used ranging from henna juice, paste of jewels, and even flower or vegetable dyes. It was only in the 1920s with the Hollywood that enamel paint became extremely popular. In the decades following the 90s exotic nail art was a trend that really caught on with the designs on acrylic nails and the work with gels. Over time nail art has become more convenient with the supporting materials being easy to work with.

This inventive and delicate art however, is the product of an imaginative day filled with playful figures, colourful nails, and a creative mind. We are in wonderment of Bartlet’s utilisation of the tiny canvas space that is available, mixed with her skill of taking pictures. Bartlett is talented and a coder by profession. These art works were a product of some fun, She has continued to make vignettes intermittently from 2012 apart from her other work.

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