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Untitled by Eduardo Mata Icaza

Today we look at Untitled by Eduardo Mata Icaza for Artwork in Focus. Join me Divvya Nirula as I explore and present my experience of the selected artwork.

Artwork in Focus

Title: Untitled
Artist : Eduardo Mata Icaza        
Year : n/a
Medium : oil on canvas
Dimensions : unavailable

Untitled, by Eduardo Mata Icaza
Image courtesy : Pinterest

The Artwork

It seems that the subject in Icaza‘s paintings are often missing something. But this is the crux of what he tries to depict in his work. This is at the centre of Icaza’s work. He brings to the fore a representation of fleeting feelings that one feel. It could be an ambition, longing or a void that exists inside. He addresses this void that exists inside human beings.

In this artwork the subject has hidden his face, his expressions and thereby his thoughts from the viewers and the gradually drip of the paint seems like it will consume what is left of the subject.

Eduardo combines the realistic and anatomical images of the human body, with abstract lines, and movement. He prefers to use a bleak or highly contrasting colour schemes in his paintings. The colours often contrast with the mood of the painting and aim to confuse the viewer. The result is quite remarkable.

There is a spiritual side to Eduardo and his work reflects this delving into the deeply into psychological quagmire of people. He maintains that he paints from what he sees.

Other Details

Euardo, born in Costa Rica in 1984, is an artist based in Marseille, France. He graduated from the School of Fine Arts in the University of Costa Rica with an honourable mention for his final thesis ‘The Essence of Nothingness; in 2009. This alone is indicative of the kind of themes that he likes to explore.

Through his paintings, he expresses angst, pain and shyness in myriad distorted ways but always with a sense of solitude and lonely turmoil. As an artist he believes that ‘art is freedom’ and it inexorably leads people to express deep beliefs that might remain concealed.  Eduardo’s art is truly compelling, and the expressions are really enticing. Reflecting on one of his paintings, makes one want to see more and more. 

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