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Vivēkkaa : Renooji & Divvya Nirula

A Digital Art Exhibition
Date : 16th December 2020
Artist(s) : Renooji & Divvya Nirula
Presented by Art From Us in collaboration with Star Light Company

Vivēkkaa_AFU & SLC Collab Exhibition Catalogue Cover_Past Exhibitions

Art From Us presents Vivēkkaa, a series of mandalas by the artistic mother-daughter duo Renooji & Divvya Nirula. This series explores and expresses the motif of ‘om’ – the sound of creation.

Vivēkkaa 1 (2020) final framed work_past exhibitions
Vivēkkaa 1 (2020), Renooji & Divvya Nirula

About the Exhibition

The word ‘Vivēkkaa’ means discernment. It is the ability to clearly see that which is in our path ahead. For this series, Maa Renooji and I offer 19 works that express connection and expansion of the 19 chakras. Exploring the pathways between the realms of the spiritual and the material.

This mystical number 19, here in this series represents the 19 chakras of the KQ Force – a karma-cutting energy that was clairvoyantly seen and downloaded by Renooji in 2004. One that has empowered thousands of people world over, who have connected to the benevolence of this energy since then, and continue to do so.

The 19 works are activating, balancing and connecting the sound of ॐ to the 19 chakras of all those present in and around their environment. With each work bearing the imprint of ‘Om’ – resonating with and inspired by the sound of the universe – the healing is expansive! They are blessing the home, the family, whilst balancing the yin and yang for all conscious beings.

In the collaborative process of conversation and creation, Maa Renooji explained the significance of ‘Om’ : When we chant the sound of ‘Om’, the four stages of creation – solid, subtle, consciousness and dissolution – exist in this sound. We always chant ‘Om’, so as to access knowledge from all the worlds. Information from all the Vedas, all spheres in all the galaxies and universes is condensed in this small sound of ‘Om’. This sacred syllable is the sound of creation itself. It is the key to unlock the treasure center of ‘Sat, Chit, Anand’- Truth, Consciousness, Bliss.

As Maa and I painted these beautiful and sturdy pieces of teak-wood – each grain, each crevice and bump revealed a surface born of the five material elements. Each element connected to our five senses wanted to tell it’s story. With healing and the lines on our new formed canvases the chakras manifested, revealing themselves in these forms.

Many nights and conversations led to the revelation by Maa that for complete clarity of vision – for Vivēkkaa– our relationship with the self, the elements, the Light, the Guru and the Divine are of utmost importance. This in turn rouses our heart and soul to see beyond time! Allowing us to let go of all that is not serving our spiritual journey. Thus, the green colour – healing our relationships – allows us to move forward, beyond our material attachments.

Every Om, is a channelled vision by both of us – in complete surrender to the harmonics of the Universes, here and there!

We heal and affirm as each of you gaze upon these manifested chakras and mandalas – you enter the healing realms of the 19 KQ chakras.

Connect to the movement being established through each and every Vivēkkaa – for the final manifestation of this healing journey is for us to detach from our ego selves, our karmic-bindings and the limitations and temptations of our senses.

Affirm with me – “I am awakened, I am purified and I experience truth”.

– Divvya Nirula

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