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Art from us


ART FROM US has evolved since it’s inception in 2014 from an art trading company and exhibition space to becoming a resource for Art Enthusiasts, Students, Collectors and You! Come Volunteer and Collaborate with us. 

Are you a Student who wants to,

  1. Write for our Blog – email us at
  2. Sign-up for our Art Appreciation, Art History, Philosophy Courses
  3. Volunteer with us
  4. Join our apprenticeship programme
  5. Join our research team ( fill out the apprenticeship programme form)
  6. Gain Gallery and Exhibition experience ( fill out the apprenticeship programme form)
  7. Access our Art and Performance Art Library( fill out the apprenticeship programme form)

Get in touch and join the Art From Us Collective!

Are you a Collector, who wants to

  1. Buy healing art – drop us a mail at
  2. Avail of our provenance and cataloguing services – book an appointment
  3. Trade or sell artwork(s) from your collection – book an appointment
  4.  Commission an Art From Us original Wooden or Glass Panel/Mural now
  5. Book an in-person/virtual consultation – book an appointment
  6. View our Collection (mail us to make your request at or WhatsApp us +91 9999 425273)
  7. Sign-up for one of our ongoing Art Appreciation Courses

Write-in and let us help you in your journey as a collector.

Are you an Art Enthusiast that is looking to,

  1. Broaden your knowledge on the Art Market
  2. Read more about Art Movement, Artists and Artworks
  3. Curious about What is Art? sign-up for the introductory series of lectures
  4. Collaborate with us – get in touch via
  5. Create with us – get in touch via
  6. Nurture an Art Project – get in touch via
  7. Support Research within the Field. – get in touch via

Let us know how you’d like to get involved and become a Patron of the Arts

Are you an Artist that is,

  1. Looking for a Gallery Space to showcase your work
  2. Recently creating and would like feedback from our Director -Divvya Nirula
  3. Wanting to Collaborate with our Digital Team
  4. Keen to sign-up for our Artist Camps
  5. Constantly wanting to share and teach, become an Art instructor for Children, Teens and Adults through our Art Workshop Training.
  6. Responding to our “THE CALL” submissions 2021 (Deadline is 30th December 2020)
  7. Responding to our “IDEAS ONLY” submissions 2021 (Deadline is 1st December 2020)

Art is a record of the now, predicting and archiving simultaneously, come create with us! 

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