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Art From Us and her team travel to fairs, biennales and peripheral art events around the world to learn and share all that we are privileged to see and experience.

Art Basel is a forerunner in the international Art Fair scene, with 3 annual art fairs organised in Basel, Miami and Hong Kong respectively. The fair offers a platform to artists, galleries and collectors to come together under one roof and engage in meaningful dialogue.

History of Art Basel

Art Basel is an international art fair held in Basel, Miami and Hong Kong every year. The fair was started in the 1970s by gallerists Trudl Bruckner, Balz Hilt and Ernest Beyeler. The debut show itself was a smashing success, featuring almost 100 galleries from 10 different countries across the globe and thousands of visitors.

Innovating the Art Fair

Demonstrating their dedication to all artistic media, in the 1980s, Art Basel celebrated 150 years of photography by showcasing works that explore the history and evolution of the medium. The show was done in collaboration with the International Association of Photography Art Dealers.

Taking an untraditional approach to exhibiting art, Art Basel was the first to adopt the ‘open plan’ art fair approach, which goes beyond the concept of exhibition booths, to tell a story and paint a larger picture for the audience. This unusual display is arguably an important reason why the Switzerland-based fair is one of the leading platforms for art trading. It makes the fair both easy to navigate and interesting, curbing any potential for the dreaded ‘art fair fatigue’.

Art Basel Beyond Switzerland

In the 2000s, Art Basel expanded to Miami Beach and further expanded to Hong Kong in 2015. Both these editions also quickly gained momentum and became recognised as significant platforms for presenting art from across the globe. Art Basel stands out as one of the world’s leading art fairs – providing a space for the top galleries, artists and collectors to come under one roof and ‘talk art’. Each edition of the fair is also locally known for partnering with various art and cultural entities within their cities and communities.

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