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Documenta is a one-of-its-kind art exhibition that is globally recognised as a hub for art scholarship, discussion and debate. One of the biggest art events on the calendar, this exhibition welcomes students, tourists, scholars, collectors and artists from all over the world.

A Revival of the German Art World

Documenta is a 5 yearly international-level art show held in Kassel, Germany. This show is funded by the City of Kassel, State of Hesse and the German Federal Cultural Foundation.

Documenta was founded a few years after the conclusion of World War II, in 1955, with a view to include Germany in the international art scene. Artist and professor Arnold Bode established the Society of Western Art of the 20th Century, which showcased art that had been rejected by the Nazis, as well as art that had never been seen before in and outside the country.

As a kind of cultural revival, the first edition of Documenta was designed as a compilation of highlights the Modernist era. Works of Fauvism, Cubism and Futurism were seen aplenty. The exhibition was a massive success. For German art lovers and audiences, it was a much welcome addition onto the otherwise uneventful art calendar. It gave the masses an opportunity to familiarise themselves with the works of iconic artists from across the border, including Henry Moore, Pablo Picasso, Hans Arp and Henri Matisse.

The Evolution of Documenta

In celebration of the success of its debut, Documenta held another exhibition in 1959. This time, Bode’s endeavour was supported by many more artists, critics and art historians. In this way, the show also organically established its 5-year cycle.

In the early 70s, Harald Szeeman was appointed the Secretary General of Documenta. It was upon his direction that an international jury was appointed, who was responsible for naming the Artistic Director for each edition. The Artistic Director is responsible for announcing the overarching concept and idea for each successive show.

The show is held at the Documenta Hall, located in Friedrichsplatz. The hall was designed by architecture firm Jourdan & Muller in 1992.

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