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Art From Us and her team travel to fairs, biennales and peripheral art events around the world to learn and share all that we are privileged to see and experience.

The foundation for the Venice Biennale presents an amalgam of Art, Theatre, Architecture and Cinema in the Italian city. The Venice Art Biennale is a internationally recognised platform for art dialogue and exhibition.

Inception of the Biennale

The Venice Art Biennale is held every alternate year in the ancient city of Venice. The show, arguably one of the most iconic art biennales in the world, was established in 1895.

Since its inception, the Biennale has been recognised as a hub for artists and art critics to come together and celebrate creativity. Although, at the onset of World War II in 1942, the Biennale took a 6 year hiatus, to return in 1948. In the 1930s, responsibility for hosting the biennale was taken away from the Venice City Council, and the Biennale Foundation became an autonomous body. This was good news for the exhibition, which immediately experienced an increase in funding, number events and volume of visitors. It was around this time that the Music, Cinema and Theatre festivals were set up.

Navigating the Biennale

The art biennale is divided between two primary areas – the Giardini and the Arsenale. The former historically houses country-specific pavilions, whereas artists and countries that are not represented at the Giardini are housed at the Arsenale.

With each edition, the Biennale presents a fresh and topical theme, based on which the entire exhibit is curated. The curatorial team is in charge of showcasing the art at various locations across the city. The interaction between the contemporary art pieces, juxtaposed with the ancient architecture of the city makes for an interesting dialogue.

The art showcased through the biennale is diverse in all aspects – it originates from a various geographies across the globe and is presented in a variety of different media, from the physical to the virtual. Owing to this, the Venice Biennale is a crucial event in the art calendar.

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