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You Need A Haircut by Teo Zirinis

Today we look at You Need A Haircut by Teo Zirinis for Artwork in Focus. Join me Divvya Nirula as I explore and present my experience of the selected artwork.

Artwork in Focus

Title: You Need A Haircut
Artist : Teo Zirinis, (handsoffmydinosaur)              
Year : 2015 (approx)
Medium : pen and paper, transferred to digital
Dimensions : n/a
Location : n/a

You Need A Haircut, 2015, by Teo Zirinis
Image Courtesy : Pinterest

The Artwork

This illustration of the Takeout box has several impacts on the mind at once. It immediately conveys and suggests the Chinese food + takeout combination. It draws on the memory of sitcoms and films where these boxes have starred. The simple lines of the illustration.

The Greek illustrator Teo Zirinis is known by his artistic pseudonym ‘hands off my dinosaur’. He confesses that he finds inspiration in food and objects that surround people in their everyday lives. For this artist is curious about what these mundane characters would say should they speak. What is their inner life like and what do they think about? What would they say and how would they interact with each other?

Teo’s illustrations are a product of his imaginations and investigations. He happily brought these ideas to play and gave them life. Speaking about his preferred medium, Teo says that for him the work begins with classic pen and paper sketches. The final format of the work is digital.

Other Details

This an Athens-based freelance illustrator and graphic designer, follows his passion for finding the happy, amusing side of things. The mundane is full of possibilities for him.

One of the things that the artist likes to work on the joke platform. Creating the illustrated version of clever puns. He doesn’t look very far to find great inspiration for his hilarious and cute drawings. Teo regularly comes up with his own funny puns and silly wordplays, which then are brought to life.

Part of the reason that he works on these minute aspects of life is because they are important. And it is the artist’s eye and role to draw these out and add it to the broader ideas.

Humour is a very vital aspect of his work and it finds its way. He loves bringing a smile to peoples faces. The artist believes that the humour behind the illustrations resonate with people. This is what inspires him as well.

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